What is Group Training

The term 'Group Training' refers to an arrangement where a Group Training Organisation (GTO) employs apprentices and trainees and places them with Host Employers
A GTO will undertake employer responsibilities, which include:
Selecting and recruiting apprentices and trainees. Undertaking the employer responsibilities including wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employment benefits. Managing the quality and continuity or training, both on and off the job. Providing the additional care and ongoing support necessary for the apprentice to successfully complete the Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract.
The goals of Group Training are to:
Create additional employment opportunities for apprentices and trainees Provide for continuity of employment and training through to completion Improve the quality and range of training available to apprentices and trainees.
To achieve these goals, GTOs:
Employ apprentices and trainees and place them with host employers. Are responsible for meeting the employer obligations outlined in the Training Contract. Manage and monitor arrangements with host employers and provide any necessary care and support throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship.
Source: Australian Apprenticeships Group Training
Group Training Organisation
A GTO is registered by its State or Territory Training Authority (STA). To maintain their registration, GTOs must comply with the National Standards, which are monitored by their State and territory training authority.
National Standards for Group Training Organisations

The National Standards for Group Training Organisations (and Evidence Guide) provide a formal framework that promotes national consistency and quality for group training. The National Standards were revised and endorsed by the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments in January 2017.
Source: Australian Apprenticeships Branding and Regulation