Role of the Host Employer

Health Training Australia (Inc.) is a group training organisation, an employment and training arrangement where HTA is the primary employer to the trainee, placing them with another business, the "host employer", whilst they are undertaking their formal training.

The Host Employer enters an agreement with Health Training Australia to provide work hours, on the job supervision and training for the trainee. The Host Employer allocates duties and responsibilities, and ensures that there is someone responsible to instruct the trainee and oversee their work.

Under this arrangement, Health Training Australia (Inc.) works closely with host employers to ensure they receive any additional support that is required.

Group training therefore is an effective partnership between the Host Employer, the trainee and HTA, and is a cost-efficient and administratively simple method for businesses seeking quality trainees to meet their short or long term business needs.

Recruitment and Employment

Employing a HTA Trainee – What to Expect
Capacity to support training
Prior to taking on a trainee, you will be visited by a HTA Traineeship consultant who will ensure that the trainee is placed in a safe work environment with appropriate supervision and the capacity for the trainee to experience the full range of duties in the role they are being trained for.
Work experience
On completion of a free three day Preparation for Employment course trainees entering a care worker role will be placed with a prospective host employer for 40 hours of work experience. This provides an opportunity for the prospective trainee to decide whether the care worker role is for them and for the prospective host to decide that the person suits their needs. While on work experience, the potential trainee must always work with an experienced buddy. On completion of work experience the decision is made on whether to take on the HTA referral as a trainee through HTA. This decision can be made at any time within the 40 hours of work experience if the parties agree.
Confirmation of appointment
The host employer is not required to enter into a contract of employment with the trainee. As the employer, HTA will enter into an agreement with the trainee. HTA will confirm in writing the appointment of the trainee to your organisation. The conditions and charges under which that appointment is made are covered in the Host Employer Handbook and in the Host Employer Agreement.
Contract of employment
Prior to the commencement of the traineeship, the trainee will be required to enter into a contract with HTA. The contract of employment will cover the trainee for the term of the traineeship. If you wish to employ the trainee after completion of the traineeship, you will need to enter into a new contract with the trainee.
Pre – employment medicals
Trainees may be required to attend a pre-employment medical in order to ascertain that they are medically fit to perform the duties required in the community services industry. HTA do not cover the cost of the pre-employment medical. Trainees may be required to attend the medical before they will be employed by HTA and placed with the host employer. The traineeship will be signed and lodged by HTA when the medical report is received and the trainee is considered medically fit for duty.
Training agreement
The Training Agreement is an agreement between the trainee and HTA which formally registers the trainee under the traineeship system. Once signed, the agreement is lodged with the Apprenticeship Office. The Training Agreement outlines the obligations of the trainee and the employer under the traineeship arrangement. As the host employer you will be expected to meet these obligations even though you are not a signatory to the agreement.
At the start of the traineeship, your host will cover in detail the traineeship arrangements. The induction will introduce the trainee to the workplace and ensure that he or she is clear about the supervisory arrangements and the initial duties and responsibilities.
All trainees are required to undertake formal training and assessment to complete their traineeship and qualification. Depending on the traineeship, training will either be self-paced supported by workbooks or classroom based training. Trainees undertaking a Certificate III in Aged Care, Home Care or Disability must attend classroom training one day per week as part of their traineeship. HTA has training rooms in Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury.
Completion of the traineeship with HTA
Prior to completion of the traineeship you will be contacted by your traineeship consultant to determine whether you wish to transfer the trainee to your employ. Note that there is no obligation on the part of either yourself or the trainee. If you decide to employ the trainee on completion of the traineeship, you will need to enter into a separate contract. HTA will work out an agreed time when the trainee completes employment with HTA and starts employment with your organisation.

How HTA will Assist

Health Training Australia (Inc.) assists its host employers by providing

Our Assistance

Pre-employment training. HTA's Preparation for Employment course.

Accredited training on and / or off the job leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

Mentorship and support services for the trainees.

Recruitment at no cost – pre-screened by HTA, but you choose the right applicant. HTA does not charge a recruitment fee.

Ongoing recruitment programme through HTA to meet your staffing needs. HTA runs inductions for new care workers once every three weeks.

Care workers receive pre-employment training including work experience with you as the prospective host prior to a decision on recruitment as a trainee.

Opportunity to reduce staff costs and temp agency fees – HTA rates are very competitive and based on cost recovery.

Low Risk Alternative to Recruit Staff

HTA is the employer and takes responsibility if the trainee is not suitable.

HTA trainees are like any other staff member. Even though employed by HTA while they learn, the trainee works for you and you supervise and roster them like any other staff member.

Saving of administration, time and money – HTA looks after industrial relations and human resources management including training, superannuation, workers compensation, payroll, resolution of staffing issues and all paperwork associated with employment.

Trainees get to know your organisation and you get to know the trainee before they are employed by you. There is no obligation to employ but trainees tend to stay with their host after employment with HTA finishes at the end of the traineeship.

Host Employer Charges
The charges established for the host employer cover the normal costs associated with employing staff including wages and incorporating provisions for annual leave, sick leave workers compensation and superannuation.

You are in a good hands....