Who is your host employer

Your host employer is the organisation where you are working. When you start your traineeship, your host employer signs an agreement with HTA to provide you with work hours, on-the-job training and allow you to attend all off-the-job training.

 The host employer allocates duties and responsibilities and ensures that there is someone responsible within the organisation to instruct you in your duties and oversee your work.

 HTA pays your salary and other costs associated with your employment and is reimbursed by the host employer. Normally you will work for the same host employer over the term of the traineeship although some trainees may work for several host employers. Regardless of where you are working, HTA is responsible for ensuring that the training you receive will enable you to meet the standard required to complete the traineeship.

 Your host employer has no obligation to retain you at the conclusion of the traineeship. Working with the host employer will however, give you the opportunity to show how valuable an employee you can be. If you continue with the host employer after you finish your traineeship, you will need to enter into a new employment contract.