What to expect with your traineeship

Contract of employment

Prior to the commencement of the traineeship, you will be required to enter into a contract with HTA. The contract of employment will cover your employment with HTA for the term of the traineeship.

Pre – employment Medicals

You may be required to attend a pre-employment medical in order to ascertain that you are medically fit to perform the duties required in the community services industry.

Training Agreement

The Training Agreement is an agreement between the trainee and HTA which formally registers the trainee under the traineeship system. Once signed, the agreement is lodged with the relevant Australian Apprenticeships Centre (AAC) and then forwarded to the Apprenticentre (WA Department of Training and Workforce Development).

The Training Agreement outlines your obligations and those of the employer under the traineeship arrangement. A copy of the terms and conditions of the Training Agreement is provided in the Trainee Handbook on commencement of employment with HTA. Your host employer also agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Training Agreement.


It is expected that your host employer will provide an induction to the workplace at the start of your traineeship. The induction will introduce you to the workplace and  ensure that you are clear about the supervisory arrangements and the initial duties and responsibilities. Many host employers will also provide additional manual handling training as part of the induction.

Contact HTA if you have queries regarding your induction.

Working for your host employer

Your host employer is responsible for your day to day supervision and on the job training. Your rosters will be organised by your host employer and you will report to your supervisor in the workplace in the same way as any other employer.

You should contact your traineeship consultant at HTA if you have any concerns with your working environment or wish the support of HTA with any issue.

While there can be no guaratee that you will be taken on by your host employer on completion of your traineeship, you should regard your traineeship as an opportunity to convince your host employee of your value as a future employee.

 Time Sheets

While employed by HTA you must keep an accurate record on your timesheet of hours worked and hours in approved trainings. Time sheets must be verified by your host employer and send to HTA for payment. Your Trainee Handbook will provide information on completing timesheets.

If for  any reason, you cannot attend work or training you must notify both HTA and your host employer and submit a leave application with your next timesheet.

Monitoring your progress

Your HTA traineeship consultant will visit the workplace  on several occasions during the traineeship to discuss your progress. The traineeship consultant will contact you prior to the visit to arrange a convenient time to meet.

The monitoring visits will provide an opportunity for you and your host employer  to raise any issues and ask questions. You can still contact your traineeship consultant at any time between these visits if you have any concerns that you need to discuss.


All trainees are required to undertake formal training and assessment to complete their traineeship and qualification. Depending on the traineeship, training will either be self paced supported by workbooks or classroom based training

Trainees undertaking a Certificate III in Aged Care, Home Care or Disability must attend classroom training one day per week as part of their traineeship. HTA has training rooms in Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury. You are paid for attendance at the classroom training.

Training Fees

The bulk of the cost of your training is funded by the State Department of Training and Workforce Development. The training organisation responsible for your training is also required under the Vocational Education and Training Regulations 1996 to charge the trainee a tuition fee as the student contribution to their training.

The training fee is normally payable by the trainee prior to training commencing however HTA can facilitate a payment plan.

If you are unemployed or a Health Care cardholder at the time you are employed, you may be eligible for fee exemption or a concession rate.

 Completion of the traineeship with HTA

Prior to completion of the traineeship you will be contacted by your traineeship consultant regarding employment arrangments on completion of the traineeship. There is no obligation on the part of either yourself or the host employer to employ you after you complete your traineeship. If your host decides to employ you after your traineeship, you will need to enter into a separate employment contractwith the host. HTA will work out an agreed time when you complete your employment with HTA and commence with your host.