What is expected of you

As a trainee you must remember at all times that you represent HTA and your host employer both on and off-the-job. At all times, HTA and your host employer will expect you to:

  • Always present yourself in a neat and tidy manner and dress appropriately
  • Be punctual. Ring your host employer if you are late and don’t make it a regular occurrence
  • Be polite and courteous to the residents and other staff
  • Show a willingness to help and to learn
  • Accept all instructions given both on and off-the-job in a positive manner
  • Not make (or receive) private telephone calls unless in an emergency, mobiles should not be used at work
  • Use the computer, photocopier or fax for business purposes only
  • Attend off-the-job training on the dates and times given to you
  • Contact your training provider if you cannot attend training for any reason
  • Be flexible in your work hours
  • If you are sick, let your host employer know as soon as possible and remember to get a medical certificate.