Role of Host Employer

The host employer is the organisation where the trainee will be undertaking their traineeship. When the trainee commences the traineeship, the host employer will be required to sign a contract with HTA to provide work hours, supervision, on-the-job training and to release the trainee when required to attend off-the-job training.

 The host employer is solely responsible for allocating duties and responsibilities to be undertaken by the trainee and ensuring that there is someone responsible within the organisation to instruct the trainee in their duties and oversee / supervise their work. HTA is not involved in the day to day supervision of the trainee, although a traineeship consultant is available to assist if any problems arise with the performance or progress of the trainee.

It is the responsibility of the host employer to ensure that the trainee has a safe workplace and system of work. HTA may remove a trainee from an unsafe workplace until satisfied that any risk to the trainee has been removed.

Normally a trainee will work for a host employer for the full term of the traineeship. If the host employer is not satisfied with the performance of the trainee or there is insufficient work to justify retaining a trainee, the trainee can be returned to HTA.responsibility.  

Once the traineeship is successfully completed, the host employer decides whether to retain the trainee and offer them employment. Please note there is no obligation on the host employer to offer the trainee a position with their organisation at the completion of the traineeship period.