Benefits of Being a Host Employer

HTA offers a quality service through a quality organisation. HTA brings the ethics and standards of the AMA to help you recruit and employ new staff.

The benefits include:

  • Recruitment at no cost – prescreened by HTA, you chose the person. HTA does not charge a recruitment fee
  • Ongoing recruitment programme through HTA to meet your staffing needs. HTA runs inductions for new care workers once every three weeks
  • Care workers receive pre employment training including work experience with you as the prospective host prior to a decision on recruitment as a trainee
  • Opportunity to reduce staff costs and temp agency fees – HTA rates are very competitive and based on cost recovery
  • Low risk alternative to recruit staff. HTA is the employer and takes responsibility if the trainee is not sutiable
  • HTA trainees are like any other staff member. Even though employed by HTA while they learn, the trainee works for you and you supervise and  roster them like any other staff member.
  • Saving of administration, time and money – HTA looks after industrial relations and human resources managment including training, superannuation, workers compensation, payroll, resolution of staffing issues and all paperwork associated with employment
  • Trainees get to know your organisation and you get to know the trainee before they are employed by you. There is no obligation to employ but trainees tend to stay with their host after employment with HTA finishes at the end of the traineeship.


………”support and professionalism dealing with staff is exceptional and a credit to HTA and Host Employers.” Libby  Ingerson, City of Canning Aged Care Packages

“Very pleased with HTA and the services they provide. When there has been a conflict, HTA have been very supportive of the facility and our requirements.”  Natalie Curley, Facility Manager’Gracewood Aged Care