Hospital Support Worker

A Recruitment Alternative

HTA offers a recruitment and employment alternative to hospitals seeking to employ Hospital Support Workers.

  • Arranges the recruitment of eligible persons; the hospital makes the selection and the person is then employed by HTA and placed with the hospital as the “host employer”
  • The Hospital Support Worker is enrolled in a traineeship by HTA and employed by HTA for the duration of the traineeship
  • Training provided by HTA – funded by WA Department of Training and Workforce Development
  • HTA mentors and provides employment support to the trainee and host employer over the term of the traineeship
  • On successful completion of the traineeship, the host employer decides whether to retain the trainee as their own employee; there is no obligation for the host employer to employ the trainee

If the host employer is not satisfied, HTA will take responsibility.

Host Employer

The Host Employer is the organisation where the trainee is working. The Host Employer enters an agreement with Health Training Australia to provide work hours, on the job supervision and training for the trainee. The Host Employer allocates duties and responsibilities, and ensures that there is someone responsible to instruct the trainee and oversee their work.

Compare the Benefits

  • Saving of time and money – HTA organises recruitment, paperwork, administration and payroll associated with employing staff; there are no agency fees
  • HTA is the employer not the hospital
  • On costs covered by charge out rates. HTA does not pay payroll tax for trainees
  • Training provided by HTA – funded by WA Department of Training and Workforce Development
  • Hospital may retain trainee as its own employee at the end of the Traineeship
  • Incentive payment of $250.00 to Host Employer on successful completion of the Traineeship


Prior to commencing employment with a host employer, the person participates in an Introductory Course for Hospital Support Workers and completes two weeks work experience in a hospital environment.

Through HTA, the employee enrols in a Certificate II in Health Support Services (Client/Patient Support Services) traineeship. Training and assessment occur on the job.


The Certificate II in Health Support Services (Client/ Patient Support Worker) Traineeship is for a nominal period of 12 months if full time or 18 months if part time. The qualification and traineeship can be completed in 6 months (full time) or 9 months (part time).

Charge Out Rates

The charge out rates are based on cost recovery and include all Annual Leave Entitlements, Workers Compensation Insurance and Superannuation.