Trainee Profiles

Janezza studying a Cert IV in Business with Health Training Australia

I commenced my certificate III in Business with Health Training Australia in January 2012 and finished my certificate in November 2012. Prior to completing my certificate III, I decided that I wanted to continue my studies leading to me signing up for a Certificate IV in Business with Health Training Australia and a Certificate IV in Human Resources with AMA Training Services. I love learning and to gain knowledge and early on I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in human resources for which I realised that I needed as many qualifications as possible such as a degree in business. Completing my current certificates won’t be the end station for me as I want to continue on and hopefully be able to do my degree part time so I can continue in gaining on the job experience. Depending on the opportunities available I will also be looking at obtaining a certificate in IT as well as I really enjoy this and a degree in management as well.
Being a Business Trainee requires you to adapt to numerous situations that can be challenging at times. My host employer is Disability Services Commission Learning and Development and over the period I have worked here I have had to step in as a trainer when we were down to .5 out of 4 and have assisted in the transition to our new offices by developing running sheets and taking on the role of contact for all managers and supervisors regarding the office furniture.

I am currently also coordinating the Leadership and Professional Development Forum for close to a 100 invitees, which are all managers and supervisors. It was a bit scary at first taking over with only half an hour handover but after that first time I have gotten the hang of it. Changing locations was a bit of a challenge as I had to liaise with the attendees and new catering companies but it worked out well.

The best aspect of this HTA traineeship is having the ability to apply theory directly in the workplace. The Occupational Health and Safety assignments of my course have given me a thorough understanding of safety in the workplace for example. I have followed additional training with DSC Learning & Development and have reviewed the reception area based on OSH standards. I got to liaise with management and the designated OSH representatives and some of my recommendations have lead to adjustments in the area.

My traineeship is self-paced and requires me to be strict, disciplined and structured and I try to bring that same ethic and the manner in which I apply myself to the workplace.