From the Preparation for Employment Course – 18 to 20 September 2017

“I felt that the training process for the induction course was very well structured. Everything was presented clearly and at a good pace… Being able to practice everything was very helpful.”

“The trainer made learning fun and I would love to be taught by her again. She made everything very comfortable and easy to talk about.”

“I will definitely recommend this training program to others.”

“The three day course was very informative and worthwhile. The trainer was thorough, funny and full of knowledge. I enjoyed the hands on tasks which have me now looking forward to starting out in the industry even more so.”

“The training process was informative and allowed everyone to understand [it].”

“The training was very professional. I felt very comfortable with the trainer. I have learned a lot and it gave me a good perspective of what to expect on the next phase of the training.”

“The training is absolutely awesome and fun. I learnt a lot of things relevant to disability.”

“I felt that the trainer ensured we knew what we were getting ourselves into and the rewards of the job.”

“The training process was fast paced, clearly outlined and well balanced. I feel more prepared because of this wonderful training.”

“The training process gave us a good understanding of what we’ll be doing and learning while at work experience / work.”

“I would definitely highly recommend HTA.”

“Wholly relevant, well presented.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 28 to 30 August 2017

“I had fun. The trainer managed to keep the class entertaining as well as educational. I feel as though I have learned a lot!.”

“Clear, interactive, modern course, plenty of group activities. Well balanced with advice and stories.”

“I enjoyed the three day training and felt that I have a good insight of what is to be expected in the industry.”

“I was pleased with how thorough the trainer was. She made it very clear as to what to expect and I feel I have an understanding and feel more prepared going into my work experience. I’m very excited to jump in and get started!”

“Very informative and covering a very extensive range of topics/subjects across many different areas of the care industry.”

“I think this training is very well set out and [I] specially enjoyed hearing relevant stories for preparation.”

“Having this training gave me a better insight on what to expect while conducting tasks and made me more aware of things from a carer and client point of view.”

“I’m really happy with the whole training process. [They] have given me all the information and practical knowledge to go and do my work experience in the industry.”



From the Preparation for Employment Course – 07 to 09 August 2017

“I learned a lot of new things. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. I also know that I will be going into work experience with a better understanding.”

“I really enjoyed my training. The trainers explained everything well and it was easy to understand.”

“The trainer made me feel comfortable and allowed me to excel in the class. I feel like this is definitely the career for me!”

“Excellent. It has given me some basic skills to go into the workplace.”

“Great course to prepare you for the workplace.”

“Excellent trainers who take the time to clarify topics, and answer questions throughout the duration of the course. Very informative, supportive and friendly environment.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the three day course. I have a better insight into the field I am entering.”

“I am far more informed about the work than I was before commencing on the course. The course content was fun and comprehensive.”

“A very good introduction to the industry.”

“I would highly recommend anyone thinking of entering the industry to attend this course as it provides an insight into what to expect. The practical exercises provide a valued introduction in manual handling and care of the client.”

“I have really enjoyed coming to this three day course. I have found it very informative, educational and I’m really looking forward to my work placement.”

“The training has given me extra confidence in gaining my position I want in my work life.”

“All the information given was very relevant and would be very useful and essential in the workplace.”

“It was very informative, I really enjoyed how the trainer used her own experiences she had gained from working in the industry [to enhance the training].”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 17 to 19 July 2017

“Very good. I have learned so much in the past three days. It has given me insight of what the job requires and what to expect as a carer.”

“I was a little apprehensive as it’s been a while since I have attended a training course but I was put at ease very quickly with the trainer’s friendly and approachable manner.”

“A lovely bunch of trainees and trainer. The course was very informative and detailed. The course provided a real insight to what will happen on work experience.”

“I enjoyed the training process and thought it was varied, fun, engaging and educational.”

“Well presented, very informative. Trainers were very welcoming, always helpful. I enjoyed the three days, learned a lot in the short amount of time.”

“The training was very informative as well as hands on. I felt comfortable in asking questions and felt the answers were communicated back to me well and to the best of my trainer’s knowledge.”

“It was excellent and prepared me well to work in the industry.”

“Very happy with the overall training. There was a good balance of theory work and practical. All trainers were engaging, resourceful and communication was always at a high standard.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 29 to 31 May 2017

“It was a great introduction into the industry – made me feel prepared.”

“Thorough, professional, interesting and enjoyable.”

“I was very happy and satisfied with the training process. I am a lot more aware of what to expect walking into the industry and how to go about any situation I come across.”

 “The trainer was fantastic at delivering her knowledge and experience to my peers.”

“I enjoyed it. This course has given me a great insight into what I should expect and things I should do.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 29 to 31 May 2017

“Amazing and entertaining trainer!”

“I was very excited and felt very keen to start in the workforce after completing this course. I found the theory very informative and the hands on gave me a good eye to what my client may feel, and how to safely move and assist them.”

“I thought it was very appropriate and I loved that we have done some hands on training as I feel it has prepared me for work experience.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to help people. I have learned a lot from my experience.”

“The trainer was very engaging, knowledgeable, fabulous all round.”

“They thoroughly prepared us for our work experience, provided us with confidence.”


 From the Preparation for Employment Course – 01 to 03 May 2017

“I feel much more confident at the thought of going into the workplace because of this course.”

“The trainer was amazing. Makes me excited to start my new career path.”

“The trainer did an amazing job, loved all of her stories. Very excited to see where this course will take me.”

“It was well set out and run very smoothly. The trainer was very good at teaching in the way that she does – especially with telling stories/experiences, that was the best part about getting insight into the industry.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 03 to 05 April 2017

“It was enjoyable, very informative and well presented by our trainers.”

“It was great, very detailed and full of information. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have learnt a lot over these three days and I’m really looking forward to continuing to learn in the workplace.”

“Very well informed, clear and concise, learned a lot in a short space of time. The trainer was very nice and funny.”

“I loved the real stories [from the trainers], it made the learning easier and more interactive.”

“Well informed, effective. I enjoyed the trainer’s style of training, it was fantastic.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 20 to 23 March 2017

“The training was perfectly done and I am very excited and cannot wait to commence my work experience.”

“The training was great. The trainer was very funny and made it enjoyable. Loved every minute.”

“The trainers are amazing! Definitely would recommend [the course] to everyone.”

“The three day course has me feeling very prepared and excited to undertake a traineeship.”

“The trainer made the training enjoyable and very intriguing. Everything was appropriately provided and in a way that was educational and helpful.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 6 to 8 February 2017

“Very helpful. The trainer explained the situations to us and gave us insight into the industry by sharing her own experiences.”

“The trainer was amazing, very bubbly and made things easy to understand. Always helpful.”

“Hands on experience for various scenarios was really helpful.”

“The training course/process was brilliant. I learned so much!”


 From the Preparation for Employment Course – 6 to 8 February 2017

The trainer was personable and honest about what to expect coming into this industry. I’m looking forward to further developing my skills in aged care.”

“I highly enjoyed the course and I think it is a great basis to further training.”

“I felt I learned a great deal and am more prepared to enter the workforce as a carer.”

“Very informative. I enjoyed how much practical training we received.”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable.”

“The training was very educational and helpful. I didn’t know half the things I now know and it has prepared me for the challenging yet rewarding occupation ahead.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 16 to 18 January 2017

“It was a great eye opener into the Aged Care area. Everything the trainer talked about was easy to understand, and made manual handling tasks easy to practice. I really enjoyed myself over the three days.”

“If I was excited about starting my traineeship, after the training I’m doubly excited. This is going to be such a rewarding industry for me to work in. The trainer was brilliant!”

“Absolutely brilliant, very thorough outline of everything and very easy to understand.”

“The trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“Very well presented and it gave a good idea and platform of what to expect in the workplace.”

“Excellent! Material was presented in a great manner, so easy to understand.”

“I learnt a lot more than I thought I would have over three days. I am much more confident now that I have completed this.”


From the Preparation for Employment Course – 12 to 14 December 2016

“The trainer was fabulous! She was friendly, knowledgeable and well organised. We had a great group of students in the class and enjoyed interesting and relevant discussions. Because of the trainers experience in the industry we were presented with informative examples. I cannot rate the trainer highly enough – the perfect instructor!”

“I am amazed at just how much I’ve learned over just 3 days and am very much looking forward to receiving my work placement.”

“Very good. I got a clear understanding of what working in a facility would be like and what would be expected of us as trainees.”

It was really good and throughout the process learnt heaps of information that I didn’t know and will really help me through the next stages.”

“The training was informative and to the point. The trainer was very articulate and easy to understand. All questions posed were answered.”

“It was a great incite into the industry. Really enjoyed the was the trainer presented the information, very knowledgeable and gave great detail and examples.”

“It was great with excellent trainers. I know that I am going to work experience prepared and excited. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

“Excellent! Very knowledgeable trainers.”

“The trainer had excellent knowledge and this made me trust her. She had a positive, caring attitude. I enjoyed my time. I can say that the training process was a positive experience and I think the trainer is an excellent role model.”

“I am excited and looking forward to the rest of the process knowing I am in excellent hands.”

“I was happy with the training process. It was professional and well presented.”

“With HTA training I am confident to progress through the positive and well structured training that has been provided by excellent trainers.”

“Great chance to learn from the experiences of professionals!”



From the Preparation for Employment Course – 21 to 23 November 2016

“My overall impression of the training process was very good as the course provided me with all the basic training and introduction that I needed for the workplace. I am now better prepared and I also know of what to expect with the reality of this industry.”

“Very well presented. The trainer was very helpful in explaining what is required and needed to become involved in the industry. Want to be even more involved and help others! I really enjoyed the 3 day course.”

“It was very informative and we got the opportunity to do practice as well which gives us a better overview of what awaits us in the real work life.”

” A great trainer – very easy to understand. It made me feel confident about the career path I am taking.”

“It was very professional and gave a really good insight to what we should expect – it was great!”

“It was a great experience and opens the gate to understanding what the care industry is all about. It made me appreciate the effort of the people who engage in this industry and training.”

“I was very impressed by the course. The trainer was very good at answering queries and the course was very informative. I learned a lot and it gave me the insight and confidence to know I have made the right decision. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I think it is a great way to introduce us to the industry and explain exactly what carers are supposed to do.”  

November 2016



From the Bunbury Preparation for Employment Course – 18 April 2016

“I thought it was very well presented. The trainer made all content relevant with personal stories to assist. I enjoyed the day.”

“Understandable and well explained. Much more confident for the work placement.”

“I think it was really interesting with lots of knowledge. It has helped me a lot and prepared me for when I start training. Excited to learn more.”

“The training was very good. It gave me a better understanding of what I need to do in the work place.”



From the Preparation for Employment Course – 11 to 13 April 2016

“Very helpful, interactive and practical.”

“It was a fantastic insight – thoroughly enjoyed the practical experience.”

” The training process was a very helpful experience. The trainer did a fabulous job at communicating safe work practices within the industry.”

“It was really good. Various ways in which the information was out forward – videos, booklets, demonstrations and hands on too.”

“Very good. Gave me the information and confirmed what I want to do. An eye opener to the actual job. The teacher was very encouraging.”

April 2016



From the Bunbury Preparation for Employment Course – 29 March 2016

“The process was well suited to my learning style as performing tasks is how I learn best – very hands on. Was made fun and easy to take on board and remember the information.”

“I feel excited and prepared for my work experience as it was made clear what to expect.”

“I am completely satisfied with my training.I am prepared for my work experience.”

“I learned how important it is to take care of older people. I learned how to provide care and it has made me more confident.”

“Very educational. Well explained and the trainer went the extra mile to give you tips to assist.”

March 2016



From the Preparation for Employment Course – 29 February to 2 March 2016

“A very well run course. A must do for anyone who want to work in this sort of industry.”

“The course was very good. I’m impressed with the level of detail and feel well prepared for the work experience.”

“Excellent. Well-presented and a very good balance of theory and activities.”

“ I thought it was insightful and very positive. I can’t wait to learn more and start contributing positively.”

“I was very pleased and felt very informed at the end of the three day training course. Having heard a lot of stories, it helped me understand thing much more clearer.”

“Yes! I am impressed so far. I feel the training is very informative and supportive.”

“The training process was very informative and the trainer had a great method of teaching. I feel more prepared to go into the industry now.”

March 2016


“Very benificial to me. A great process. A lot of support from my trainer. I would definitely recommend to other people and will definitely be doing further training with HTA.”

Jessica Kitto – November 2015


Throughout the course, the HTA trainers were very helpful and encouraged participation which made the classes enjoyable. Participants were continually encouraged on. The consultation provided was timely and helpful. Thank you.”

Charles Panickar – November 2015


“Really enjoyed my traineeship. Had a blast. Learnt a lot of great information. My trainer was amazing.”

Marion Dibbs – August 2015


” Thank you for giving me the opportunity and supporting me during my Traineeship over the last 6 months with HTA, as I have really enjoyed working with so many staff and of course the clients.
I have learnt a lot over this time and appreciated your kindness, support and understanding whilst  training for my Certificate in Disability.”

Matthew Coombs- July 2015


“At 53 after years in retail and raising my children, it was time for me to take a new direction.  I wanted a job that I felt was worthwhile, this led me to aged care.

I had no experience and was concerned that I would get no opportunity due to my age.

However, I came across a traineeship programme for aged care run by HTA and applied, was accepted and I am on my way.  I was given the opportunity to do my work experience at Tuohy Aged Care Facility.  The first day I knew that I had made the right choice.  I finished my work experience and was accepted for a traineeship.

I have had a great experience to date, both the staff at HTA and Tuohy have been friendly and helpful.  I have felt accepted and although I’m the new kid on the block, I feel like part of the team.”

Anne Wade – June 2014


“Hi, had never worked in aged care in the past but had thought about it.  After seeing an ad for aged care with HTA, I thought why not give it a go.  I found HTA to be very supportive and enjoyed training with them.  I have now gone on to do my Certificate IV with them.

Through my traineeship I got hands on experience leading to employment with Hall & Prior.”

Sam Elliott – June 2014


“HTA have always come across so professional and concerned about their trainees.  Having never worked in aged care, I’ve found their support invaluable and this also carried over to my placement at Tuohy Nursing Home.  Have gotten the support, flexibility and hands-on training that has complemented the education training side of HTA.”

Monica Harris – June 2014


………”support and professionalism dealing with staff is exceptional and a credit to HTA and Host Employers.” 

Libby  Ingerson, City of Canning Aged Care Packages


“Very pleased with HTA and the services they provide. When there has been a conflict, HTA have been very supportive of the facility and our requirements.”  

Natalie Curley, Facility Manager’Gracewood Aged Care





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