Group Training

Health Training Australia (Inc) (HTA) is a not for profit organisation established in 1997 as a division of the Australian Medical Association (WA) Inc group of companies. It is part of a national network of over 180 Group Training Organisations around Australia which now employs almost 40 000 apprentices and trainees.

As a Group Training Organisation, HTA takes on the role of the employer of apprentices and trainees. Trainees are employed by HTA and placed with a ‘host employer’ where they work and gain skills both on and off the job. HTA, which also trades as HTA Recruitment and Training, act as a mechanism through which employers can recruit staff and formalise entry level employment and training in a coordinated manner.

Health Training Australia provides support to a workforce of between 100 and 150 trainees primarily in health, aged care and home and community care, and offers experienced personnel with considerable expertise across these industries.


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