Code Of Practice

Mission Statement

A healthier community through employment.


Health Training Australia as a centre for excellence for training in the health and community services sector. Health Training Australia as a model group training company supporting entry level traineeship employment and training across a range of industry sectors. Health Training Australia as the vehicle by which client services within the health and community services sectors is improved through income generation, employment, training and development of those working within the sector – at all levels. The name, Health Training Australia is identified with excellence and quality of service to the health and community services sector. The philosophy of the organization and its staff at all levels is quality of service to new and existing clients, and maximizing business and service opportunities.


This code applies to Health Training Australia, a Group Training Organisation and its staff and represents the minimum standards to be applied in all their dealings with host employers, apprentices, trainees and other interested persons.

The aim of the code is to ensure the delivery of high quality service with high standards of ethical behaviour exhibited to all parties concerned.

Health Training Australia is committed to ensuring that access to employment and training is available to all persons, with the following principles applied:

  • Conduct recruitment of persons in an ethical and responsive manner, and will be carried out in line with the equal opportunity act (1984)
  • Protect the person’s right to employment and training in an environment free of discrimination and harassment as per State/Territory or Commonwealth legislation
  • Ensure all persons have equal access to training opportunities and to information regarding the scope of training available
  • Provide and maintain training services that reflect fair and reasonable opportunity for all persons regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or physical disability
  • Provide information and support to assist all persons in achieving their desired outcomes
  • Provide an accessible, safe and supporting environment for persons employed and attending training
  • Ensure all staff have a responsibility for assisting in the implementation of access and equity in the workplace


In adhering to the Code of Practice, Health Training Australia must:

  1. Be open and honest at all times
  2. Be respectful and courteous in their dealings with clients
  3. Inform clients of rights, obligations and entitlements
  4. Ensure provision of information is current, accurate, impartial and consistent
  5. Ensure advice about Group Training delivery best reflects the needs of the hostemployer apprentices and trainees
  6. Be easy to contact by telephone, facsimile, and email during normal business hours as well as maintaining easily accessible premises
  7. Respond quickly and accurately to requests for information
  8. Provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees and learners
  9. Treat complaints seriously and learn from them
  10. Not seek to canvas for any gifts, benefits or advantages either directly or indirectly from host employers, apprentices and trainees. Any receipt of these is to be declared to the Director Health Training Australia
  11. Refrain from making false or misleading statements to host employers, apprentices and trainees
  12. Work closely, cooperatively and openly with state training authorities and comply fully and accurately with state administrative and legislative requirements in relation to provision of Group Training and training services and the provision of information relating to dealings with host employers, apprentices and trainees
  13. Be bound to the code of practice at all times and ensure that employers, learners and other interested persons are fully aware of it
  14. Ensure that a positive reputation and outlook for Health Training Australia is promoted to state training authorities, other key stakeholders and the community


Health Training Australia will:


Market their products and services with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.
All marketing and promotional materials published by or on behalf of Health Training
Australia must be truthful, accurate, and unambiguous. Marketing, promotional
literature, and general advertising by Health Training Australia must:

  • Be accurate and approved in writing prior to publishing by the Manager Health Training Australia
  • Gain written permission from learners before using information about them in marketing materials
  • Ensure Group Training products and services are accurately represented to prospective host employers, apprentices and trainees
  • Ensure copyright requirements are met.

Marketing, promotional literature, and general advertising by Health Training Australia must not:

  • Encourage unrealistic expectation about services provided by Group Training provided
  • Make any claim to approval or recognition that is inaccurate
  • Make false or misleading comparisons with other Group Training Organisations or competitors
  • Make misleading statements concerning the qualifications or experience of staff
  • Provide misleading information about the physical resources to be provided
  • Make misleading or false statements about the prospects for employment following employment with Health Training Australia.


Provide accurate information to the host employer, apprentice and trainee that set
out the details of the services and operations of the GTO.
Information provided by Health Training Australia to host employers, apprentices and
trainees must include the following:

  • A description of the terms and conditions of employment
  • Written agreement with Host Employers
  • Responsibilities to comply with relevant legislation
  • Support requirements for apprentices and trainees
  • Schedule of fees and charges
  • A description of the course and content
  • Details of the basic assessment for the course
  • A description of the qualification or statement of attainment to be given upon completion of the course
  • Any course pre-requisites.

If eligible, apprentices and trainees are entitled to the concession rate on tuition fees, and appropriate identification must be provided. Any changes of fees must be fairly and equitably applied, widely advertised and clearly indicate the effective date.
Health Training Australia will:

  • Retain good financial records that reflect all payment and charges and the balance due
  • Make adequate provision to safeguard host employer entitlements to Incentive Payments and apprentice/trainee entitlements to accrued leave, workers compensation and superannuation
  • Honour its advertised schedules of Charge Out rates except where Charge out rates altered in accordance with procedures disclosed in mandatory documentation supplied at commencement.


Health Training Australian acknowledges the principles of conflict of interest in the Group
Training Sector. Where a potential conflict of interest is identified, the Manager Health
Training Australia will investigate the matter to establish the nature of the potential
conflict and to determine a course of action to be taken to manage the matter. The
Director Health Training Australia will be informed of the issue and if acknowledged as a
potential conflict, then the Executive Director will be notified. The following complaints
process outlines the steps involved in lodging such a complaint.


Ensure that host employers, apprentices and trainees have a fair mechanism in relation
to the handling of grievances/complaints.
Health Training Australia staff are responsible for responding appropriately to complaints
and keeping within the documented policy and procedure process. An obligation rests
on the parties in the dispute to attempt to resolve the dispute.
If a solution cannot, or should not be resolved by mediation, the host employer,
apprentice and trainee are requested to lodge a formal complaint to the Manager Health
Training Australia.

Complaint Process
Health Training Australia’s procedure for handling complaints is to ensure all complaints
are treated with fairness, neutrality and confidentiality.

  • A formal complaint must be submitted to the Manager Health Training Australia in writing detailing the nature of the complaint
  • The complaint is formally recorded on the complaints register by the Coordinator Health Training Australia
  • Where appropriate, complaints will be resolved by the Coordinator Health Training Australia. If this person does not believe they can handle the complaint in an impartial way, or have been directly involved in the matter under complaint, then it will be referred to the Manager Health Training Australia
  • The Coordinator Health Training Australia or Manager Health Training Australia will undertake an investigation into the complaint by interviewing the complainant, staff, or any persons with information in relation to the complaint
  • Once the investigation process has been completed the Manager Health Training Australia will make a decision within (10) working days from the registered date of the complaint
  • The complainant is formally advised in writing by a statement detailing the outcome and reason for the decision
  • The Manager Health Training Australia will be responsible for any action required to address reviews or improvements to its operations and practices.

All host employers, apprentices and trainees have the right to appeal the outcome of a
complaint on the grounds of a perceived flaw in the process or the principles of fairness,
equity or flexibility were not followed in dealing with the complaint.


Recruitment will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsive manner, and will
be done in line with The Equal Opportunity Act (1984).
Health Training Australia will provide documentation to prospective host employers,
apprentices and trainees which discloses in full all of the arrangements between the two
parties. Documentation must be written in clear, concise, plain English that avoids
vague and ambiguous clauses.


Health Training Australia is committed to ensuring all staff involved in the provision of
group training services is skilled for the functions they perform.

  • Friendly and professional approach
  • Committed to access and equity principles
  • Involvement in continuous improvement
  • Competent and knowledgeable to carry out the duties of the position
  • Maintain skills and knowledge through professional development opportunities

Health Training Australia (Inc) supports a Healthier Community
Through Employment